E-sen-cia Holistic Health and Beauty Therapy is owned by Ally Jones, ITEC Beauty Therapist specialising in Massage and Skin Care,  Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapist, PT Instructor and Essential Oil Educator  with over 30 years experience.  Her work and training has taken her overseas for many years including Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Italy.  Ally returned to the UK in 2014 to continue her work in holistic treatments and now offers training and education on essential oils.

Ally’s experience has included owning a Beauty & Health Clinic in the UK, setting up small self employed businesses around Europe and Spa Management.

Ally is skilled and experienced in giving you the best care, incorporating holistic therapies and organic, chemical free treatments.  In addition to her organic facials and massage therapy, Ally also tunes into treating those who have health related symptoms or problems including: arthritis, migraine and headache sufferers, fluid retention, back pain, Parkinson’s, post cancer especially if lymph nodes have been removed and fluid builds up, emotionally and physically exhausted, stress and anxiety, ME and generally anyone who is feeling run down by offering pain and stress relief using massage and essential oils. Also, massage during pregnancy is offered as a great way to relax Mum-to-be especially if suffering with pain in lower back and strain in the shoulders and even around the pelvis area to ease and soothe the muscles, joints and ligaments.

Learning and developing new skills is continuous and this keeps the treatments fresh and updated.

Ally is now settled and works in Wiltshire, UK

“E-sen-cia is Spanish for essence and this is what I hope to capture in each of my clients during their treatment.”

– Alison Jones