At E-sen-cia, I’ve had the privilege of treating some wonderful people.  I’m grateful for their feedback and happy that they are willing to share their thoughts and experience.

Thank you so much for being loyal clients.

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Alison. I was impressed by the results of Alison´s organic treatment. Alison gave me from beginning till the end a very professional, organized and efficient impression. She is highly-skilled and knows about the organic products she uses. You feel that her services are provided with experience and professional care. For me it was the right combination between massage of the muscles (very professional hands) and a facial treatment. Her perfectionism makes it a very good experience. In summary, I enthusiastically recommend the treatment of Alison, it´s excellent and very professional, it was an unforgettable experience.

VeraThe Netherlands

I have been one of Ally’s clients for a few years (about 4 years).It was always such a treat to have a facial with her. She is a very warm, friendly and calm person. And absolutely very dedicated to her work. She knows her clients very well and spents a lot of time on every treatment. Although I always made an appointment for a facial and face waxing I always walked out of the door competely relaxed. The massages that she included in a facial were amazing and very relaxing.I loved the natural products she used, also the fresh products (like fruits and yoghurt) she used on top of that. Ally is very professional, but also very careful. I have a sensitive skin and an allergy for some kind of waxes but that has never been a problem in any of her treatments.She knew exactly how to treat my skin.  Ally is also very precise. She always had to spent a lot of time on my (big) eyebrows, but she loved it!  It will be hard for me to find a beauty therapist that comes close to Ally’s treatments. I miss her and want to wish her all the best!


Alison’s facial makes you forget about your daily life duties and provides you with an out of this world experience! Alison walks you through each of the facial treatment steps and then lets her gentle but strong fingers take over while soft music underscores the feeling of cleansing and relaxation. There is no time wasted – while your face is absorbing deep cleansing masks, Alison massages your shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet which compliments nicely the facial experience. Alison’s facial is an affordable luxury that rejuvenates not only your face but lifts your spirit for the whole day.

Alice, 39 years, Corporate Project ManagerCzech Republic

Alison always gives thought to her massage combining deep muscle work and relaxation techniques.  She is very professional and relieves my back strain.  I can highly recommend her!


I have known Ally for 12 years and have always struggled to find anyone as amazingly gifted as she is, where I live.  Ally just has a natural feel for knowing exactly what your body and your skin needs and the treatments I have had with her, have always left me feeling incredible.  The first thing I do when I arrive in the UK, is to book a time with Ally – It’s my treat to myself and I enjoy every second of it.  I just wish Ally could be in Copenhagen too!

Claire Ross-Brown, Actress & Singer Copenhagen

“Ally has been a gift in so many ways. Her knowledge and genuine kindness and passion to help others is life enhancing for anyone lucky enough to cross her path. #extremelygrateful”

Sadie (UK)

“I’ve only just met, Ali, twice. On Saturday at a super, fun, making our own organically safe, cleaning product workshop & then, yesterday, when she volunteered her precious time to help introduce me to the lovely essential oils I ordered. I am so impressed by her. Ally has a really warm, kind yet gently enthusiastic personality. Her obvious passionate believe in what she does is infectious and her unerring willingness to go above and beyond to help others by sharing her knowledge is truly admirable. If you are considering getting in touch with Ally, please do not hesitate, I’m sure she is excellent in all she offers. I’m positively looking forward to our next encounter, I’ve so much to learn from her.”

Avril (UK)